• The war never ends.


    Afghanistan Explained

    In 38 years, Afghanistan has gone from being the downfall of the Soviet Union to the longest war in US history. In that time, the people have endured a brutal civil war, the rise of the Taliban, and a US-led invasion that continues to this day. This is an explainer on how the nation that helped end the Cold War is still mired in conflict nearly four decades later.

    See the Afghanistan TimeLine here


    Sept. 20, 2001 Bush Declares War on Terror.


    Afghanistan Explained

    Bush declares war after 9/11


    The Afghan Collapse

    Afghanistan Explained

    ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz explains what role the U.S. has played in Afghanistan in recent years and why the Taliban wants to take over the country.

    President Biden delivers remarks after deadly Kabul attack — 8/26/2021

    Afghanistan Explained

    President Joe Biden addresses the nation on the crisis in Afghanistan after the deadly Kabul attack.

    Why did the US allow the Taliban to take over Afghanistan?

    Afghanistan Explained

    The US-Taliban deal of February 2020 and the role it has played in the militant group's takeover of Afghanistan.

    The history of Afghanistan summarized

    Afghanistan Explained

    An excellent Summary

    Afghanistan Takeover: A Timeline of the Taliban’s Swift Advance

    Afghanistan Explained

    The Taliban seized control of Afghanistan more rapidly than intelligence officials expected. Here’s how.

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