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Why KFC fails in Israel

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KFC has tried, but failed, three times to appeal to the Israeli market. Starbucks, Subway, and Dunkin' have all had to call it quits in Israel, but unlike its rivals, Yum! Brands' Kentucky Fried Chicken is refusing to admit defeat. The American fried chicken chain is looking to enter Israel for a fourth time. Watch this video to find out why the American fried chicken chain is planning to try a fourth time to enter the Israeli market. Israel seems to repel American fast food chains. Starbucks; Subway; Dunkin Donuts;  

They've all had to call it quits there. KFC has actually tried and failed three times to appease the Israeli market. But unlike its rivals KFC is refusing to admit defeat. In fact the American fried chicken chain is trying again for a fourth time. The calculus reported that KFC plans to open 100 locations within five years of re-entering the market.  

That's especially ambitious considering that at its peak it had just ten restaurants in the country after spending 20 years trying to build a following. KFC started as one branch in Tel Aviv in the 1980s. It didn't last, but was revived in 1993. Ownership then changed hands again in 2003. But by 2012 Euro Monitor says KFC had closed up shop for good. In Israel KFC is failure isn't all that shocking because of one simple but very big problem.  

Its menu. Israel is a notoriously difficult market to crack because roughly 60 percent of the Jewish population keeps kosher meaning they follow a set of religious laws that restrict them from eating certain foods. One of the major rules don't mix meat and dairy products and that happens to be the very definition of classic Kentucky Fried Chicken.