• Hezbollah and Lebanon

    Hezbollah recently launched an attack on the Israeli-Lebanese border.


    The exchange of fire is just the latest in an ongoing conflict between the two groups.


    So who exactly are the Hezbollah, and what do they want with Israel?


    Well, Hezbollah also known as the ‘Party of God’, is a militant jihadist group comprised

    of Shia Muslims.


    The resistance group has risen to become a dominant military and political power in Lebanon.

    Hezbollah not only controls many of the country’s media networks but holds a reported 12 seats

    in Lebanon’s Parliament and possess a military strength that is arguably stronger than the

    Lebanese Army.


    They are so dominant within Lebanon that Hezbollah is often referred to as a “state within

    a state”.


    But Hezbollah’s goals go beyond the borders of Lebanon.


    The group has it’s sights firmly set on Israel.

    Hezbollah was founded in 1982, after a war with Israel that resulted in a long occupation

    of Lebanon.

    The group was established with the goal of ending the occupation in Lebanon and ultimately

    liberating Jerusalem and dismantling the Israeli state.


    Which is why countries like the UK and the US categorize the group as a terrorist organization

    who pose a significant threat to the stability of the the Middle East.


    So how strong is Hezbollah and what threat do the pose to Israel?

    Following the end of the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon in 2000, Hezbollah’s military

    strength grew significantly.


    In terms of manpower, Hezbollah currently have an estimated 60,000 fighters but thanks

    to generous funding and training from Iran, this number could be set to double.

    According to various reports the group are also heavily armed with some 70,000 rockets

    which includes long-range missiles, anti-aircraft and even anti-warship weaponry.

    All this amounts to a lot of firepower pointed at Israel.


    Reports suggest that Hezbollah’s recent cross-border attack is one of the most serious

    clashes between the two forces since their month-long war in Lebanon back in 2006.

    The group’s leader recently announced, “We don't fear war and we don't hesitate in facing

    it if it is imposed on us.”


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