• Join Neil Lazarus in a LIVE conversation with a Palestinian "refugee" from the West Bank

    Educating, Motivating Challenging

    If you are looking for a unique online activity.

    This Zoom conversation is priceless in understanding the Middle East.

    It is not your anti-Israel activity so common on social media

    This is nuanced and critical program about BDS, the corruption of the Palestinian Authority

    You will be surprised what Palestinians are saying about their own leadership

  • This is unique

    Find out more from those involved


    Find Out

    "This is not what you expect"

    Why do many Palestinians disagree with the boycott movement?


    Why do Palestinians who are critical of the Palestinian Authority hide their identity and fear for their lives?


    How can the Palestinian Authority continue to be corrupt - and where is international aid going?


    Is Gaza really a prison as many say?




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    Neil Lazarus's webinars and seminars are truly awesome. They raise questions rather than forward opinions. They raise choices rather than cliched answers.

  • This is unique

    Find out more from those involved

    Israelis and Palestinians

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