• It's crazy out there


    The world seems to be getting crazier and crazier by the day! The headlines seem to reflect it!


    Leaving the fact that Israel seems to have lost control over Covid

    and Iran threatens (another podcast here) Anti Semitism is rampant....


    An Orthodox Jewish man is beaten in Brooklyn

    One in four Americans have said they have experienced anti-Semitism

    Federal civil-rights officials raise alarm over ‘horrifying statistics’ on anti-Semitism in the workplace

    Millennial support for Israel dwindles


    With a new semester and a new year starting, Neil Lazarus has been busy speaking via zoom and in front of audiences in Israel, New Zealand, UK, Australia, and throughout the USA teaching how to fight antisemitism, and explaining what is happening in the Middle East.


    His webinars just keep coming....the most popular have even been live from the West Bank talking to Palestinians who oppose BDS and are critical of the Palestinian Authority


    Criticism of Israeli policy is not anti-semitic

    - anti-Semitic criticism is!


    Neil Lazarus Teaches How to Fight Antisemitism


    "With the dramatic rise of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bashing, the need for comprehensive webinars on how to tackle antisemitism has dramatically increased."


    Make a resolution this year


    1. Keep Antisemitism on campus at bay
    2. Fight Antisemitism through education
    3. Join the fight against antisemitism
    4. Challenge Antisemitism Worldwide


    What is clear...


    Antisemitism is rampant.

    Antisemitism needs to be defeated from the ground up.

    Everybody can make a difference.

    The question is will you?

    Anti-Semitism needs to be stopped.
    Stay Safe, educate your self and fight back.
    Are you ready?

    Things you can do...


    Efforts to delegitimize Israel have grown exponentially, here's how to fight back.​​​​​​​


    Bring Neil Lazarus to speak via Zoom or live to your audience


    He provides the training you need to put an end to the relentless barrage of Israel bashing on campus and beyond.

    Join the Battle Against Antisemitism


    Learn, practice and teach proven skills to effectively periodically talk about the State of Israel without being intimidated or intimidated by BDS.

    Stay safe, speak up, protect the Jewish community-and invite a friend!

    You can organize a seminar today


    They've worked for BirthRight, Chabad, Jewish Federations, The Jewish Agency, StandWithUs and now they want to work for you.



    • Each webinar provides a powerful way to learn proven tactics of how to combat antisemitism and Israel bashing.
    • Your efforts, along with Neil Lazarus' guidance, are guaranteed to make a strong impact.
    • Learn and equip yourself to combat antisemitism, lies and distortions.
    • This eye-opening seminar on antisemitism, is informative and interactive.
    • Increased knowledge in how to combat antisemitism effectively
    • Learn to tackle seemingly "new" anti-Semitic trends head on.
    • You’ll never again feel helpless 

           Can't organize a webinar but want to help?

    Learn on line with our downloadable seminars


    Join us for a learning experience unlike any other
    These programs help to fight the current trend of anti-Jewish bigotry and replace it with love for Israel and its supporters.


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